holly {bridals}

Ahhh, the lovely Holly. Her wedding photos are still secretly tucked away for now, but her bridals aren’t! And by the way, I love a good bridal session–you get to play dress up, there’s no wedding day jitters, no one is really around–and you just get to see a bride in her dress for the first time. It’s fun for me. Not every bride chooses a bridal session, but I say, why not? You have to do a make-up and hair run through any way, you might as well get as much photographic coverage in your dress as possible. Cause one day, you’ll blink, and your dress will be preserved in a box sitting in your closet. Never to be opened again.

And even if it were opened, you couldn’t fit your right toe in it. Or is that just me? Actually, thanks to the whole 30, I could probably fit 1/3rd of my body into it now….thankyouverymuch.

Any way, enough about me and my on-going feud with my wedding dress…onto Holly!

Heather Dubuisson She was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!June 2, 2011 – 3:59 pm

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