baby Lucy

What is upppppppp, blog world? Since my last post I have become a mama of TWO. Which is no surprise if you know me in real life/or instagram life. Both are acceptable forms of knowing…cause how awesome is insta? Am I right? Any way…maternity sessions are now officially my favorite beyond favorite thing to shoot. I guess cause I can super relate. I love it. I love how mama’s grow babies. And babies turn everything in life inside out, upside down and right side up. In beautiful, messy, ways. I love praying for babies to come, praying for them to grow and praying them to GET OUT when it’s time. Such a sacred season in a couple’s/family’s life. Waiting on the next person. It’s crazy awesome. If you feel (for whatever odd reason) that you want to know more about my babies/mess/births–ew–hubs/etc, I have a blog. I do. I don’t write on it per se, but I used to. and here it is. But let’s get to the photos…cause baby Lucy is COMING. Praise God. And her mama is stinkin GORGEOUS. Amen.




my neighbors

When this sweet family moved in two doors down from us last fall, my mother in law was home alone with Sam while Johnny and I went out for a quick hour or so. When we got home, she said ‘Rachel! your life has just changed! (she knew I was sort of drowning in newborn-ness) a family with a little boy Sam’s age-ish just moved in to that green house!’ Then she proceeded to tell me that one of the first things that came out of her mouth was that we had just had a homebirth.

Great. Now they think I’m crazy. Thanks MIL.

But these two rolled with it. And I’m so thankful 😉 And just last week, I took their pics. I love a family session. Especially now that I have Sam. Capturing their small-ness and a young family in time is so precious. Cause as we know, the days go by slow, but the years go by so fast. Sam is going to be a year old soon! Like, what? How did that happen?

And as a business side note, I’ve decided to offer 45 min sessions (which yield a lot of images, keep kids happy, and in the summer, it’s quite hard to do anything longer) WITH digitals as a happy second trimester [to me] special:)I’m sure I’ll stop shooting again once that third trimester hits…I don’t know how you full term wedding photographers do it. I just plain don’t get it. But I’m in awe of you! Any way, if you’re interested, contact me for pricing and availability. Summer will be over before we know it…then fall, then baby buckley #2 will be making his/her appearance! Woah.

Anyway, here’s that sweet family and their sweet boy…


Kathy Rachel these are wonderful — I’m in tears looking at my little grandson, daughter & son in law. It was definitely a blessing the day we helped them move in that your M I L was walking Sam and then the next morning you stopping in to meet everyone. It certainly helped me feel more comfortable with them having someone so sweet so close to them to help adjust to their move there. Thanks for capturing these precious moments. Hope you are feeling good.June 5, 2013 – 11:46 am

campbell is 6 months!

So I have this friend Kim. We are your very typical met in college, sorority sisters, turned roomates, turned bridesmaid, turned fellow mom friends. But we’re also not completely typical because through that span of time, lots of things happen. And we’ve both grown, changed, moved, etc. and we’re still friends. In fact, we group text with another college, sorority sister, roommate, bridesmaid, turned fellow mom friend everyday. EVERYDAY. It’s pretty special. And between us there are four precious babies who are all about 9ish weeks or so apart. And for other new moms of little babies, y’all know how crucial our group texts are. Who else would choose to talk about baby poop with you for a full day? No one. Or day after day sympathize with you over how little sleep you had the night before? Or what new (albeit minor) cute thing your baby is up to? Or give you endless reasons week after week as to why you are a good mom even though you have no idea what you’re doing? Well, no one would. Most people would be exhausted with us within a few days.

Any way, my point is this. I got to hug Kim and hold her Campbell. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was good. And Nathan! He was there too, and he’s great. But he’s not a 6 month old baby. And I love that 6 month old baby. I’ve loved him since the moment I found out about him. And here are their pics, the end:)





Kali + Preston

Sam is on my lap as I type, so this is going to have to be short and sweet:)Kali and Preston are precious, eh? I met her at a photography workshop in New Orleans almost two years ago…I canNOT believe it has been that long. Oh my gosh. Any way, we met and we facebook friended, and two years later, I met her husband. Who just got home after two back to back deployments can I get a Hallelujah? Amen.

And now I’m thinking about that photography workshop…and I’m realizing that three of us from that workshop just had little boys. One of them just a few weeks, and another a few days, and Sam…well he’s way past that. He’s already 4.5 months. But what a blessing. The babies, the friendships, the networks…all of it. Lovely how life works sometimes. And lovely how Kali works all the time, you can check out her work here. So, so happy they asked me to photograph them. What a pleasure it was.





my boys came to pick me up from the shoot and take me out to dinner…so OF COURSE Sam must be included in the photo shoot fun. Kali looks like a natural, eh? 😉



I’m off to force Sam to watch at least one Christmas movie with me. I’m thinking…White Christmas. At least then I can keep him entertained by dancing and singing along with the entire movie. Yeah, that’s right. My mother raised me well.

Kali OH MY, OH MY. WE LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much for being quirky and perfect!! xoxo- KaliDecember 11, 2012 – 3:12 pm

back at it…with a sweet family on a pretty beach. yay.

Finally! I’m back at it. And good gosh almighty it feels good. Oh how I want to blog and write lots and lots of things…but I have a child about to wake from a nap. So…I’ll just leave it at: I love this family. And I love that they asked me to photograph them again. And I love that because they asked, I’m now back working. So! contact me if you’re still wanting those family pics before the year is over! Sam is getting used to staring at the computer while I cull and edit. He’s cool like that.

and I guess I shouldn’t end without posting pics of my little man?? here’s the image I used for his very late birth announcements:

and these were taken one morning last week when he was looking extra sweet in his jammies…

Sully A great start back! Really nice job RachelDecember 3, 2012 – 4:15 pm

Sarah Love these photos! That light is scrumptious! :)December 4, 2012 – 6:22 am